Nursenav Oncology Releases New Software Version 4.0

April 07, 2015

Patient Navigation Software Vendor, Nursenav Oncology, Upgrades its SaaS Platform to include Lung Screening Program Patient Tracking and an Automated Alert System for Patient Follow-Up Care.

Nursenav Oncology recently upgraded its SaaS platform to version 4.0. This software release is the company’s largest single upgrade to their software platform since version 1.0 launch in 2009. Collectively, this release included over 50 new development features and platform enhancements. Nursenav’s cloud-based software solution (SaaS) provides a workflow for oncology patient navigation programs to track patients through the continuum of care and into survivorship. Deliverables from Nursenav include Survivorship Care Plans, Care Plans for high-risk patients, Navigation Summaries for physicians, and comprehensive program reporting.

New Features in Software Version 4.0 Include:

  • Lung Screening Program Tracking: Patients enrolled in the Lung Screening Program are tracked from the time of program entry through a potential lung cancer diagnosis. A Care Plan can be provided at each follow-up interval outlining results from previous low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) scans and the timeframe for the next screening.
  • Survivorship Care Plan and Care Plan TRACK: Automated system for tracking Follow-Up Care (Clinical Care Routines, Surveillance and Screenings) will post alerts for up to 5 years on the New Survivorship and Care Plan Calendar.
  • Survivorship Care Plan and Care Plan Enhancements
  • New design and customized program branding.
  • New ability to create templates by disease site in Follow-Up Care, expediting the process for plan creation.
  • Updated to meet the data and format requirements for Survivorship Care Plans as required by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (September 9, 2014 update).

“2015 is an extremely significant year for Patient Navigation and Survivorship,” says Melanie Infinger, CEO for Nursenav Oncology. “It marks the year that programs are beginning to provide survivorship care plans, as required by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and Lung Screening Programs are flourishing with the recent announcement from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare for reimbursement of annual LDCT screenings for qualified patients. We met several primary goals with this release: our clients are delivering survivorship care plans that are compliant, nicely formatted and program branded; patient follow-up care is now automated and Lung Screening Programs can be uniquely tracked and reported on. This software release was a great enhancement to our platform, and most importantly, this release aids our clients with improving patient care.”

About Nursenav Oncology:

Nursenav Oncology, a SaaS (software as a service) company, serves oncology patient navigation programs in the hospital and private practice setting. Nursenav provides a workflow for navigation teams to track malignant and high-risk patients through the continuum of care and into survivorship. Nursenav provides on-demand reporting for navigation teams to report to the patient’s care team and the software also provides comprehensive program reporting. For more information about Nursenav Oncology, visit or contact Mindy Wilson at (843) 207-7004.